Overcoming a growth plateau with Kevin White, Retool

In this episode, we speak to Kevin White, Head of Marketing at Retool.

Retool is a platform to build internal tools for your business. Some of the biggest names including Gojek, Amazon and Doordash use them. Previously, Kevin headed the growth marketing function at Segment, a popular customer data platform for almost three years. This is the reason we invited him to discuss about overcoming a growth plateau.

Whether you’re an early age startup or a Fortune 500 company at some point you’re ought to hit a growth plateau. This can happen at different levels including acquisation channels. In our conversation we try to understand what are the different indicators for a growth plateau and ways to overcome one.

Key Takeaways from the conversation –

  • Even the fastest growing companies can tap out on a growth channel that can result in a growth plateau. Hence, it’s important to continuously find ways for business growth.
  • Analyzing metrics or cohorts for certain period is a great way to identify growth plateaus. Remember, increasing your traffic might or might not help you overcome a growth plateau.
  • Understanding whether you need to acquire more customers vs up-selling to overcome a growth plateau is critical. This depends on a lot of factors including the current stage of your company.

If you’re passionate about growth, you cannot miss our conversation with Kevin.

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