In this episode, I hosted Matthew Barnet, Founder of Bonjoro – an app for sending personalized videos to welcome and onboard your new customers. 

1:19 – What is Bonjoro?
3:16 – What motivated Matt to create Bonjoro?
6:21 – How did you define an ICP for Bonjoro?
8:44 – What metrics will improve after implementing Bonjoro?
12:8 – How does Bonjoro help their customer’s customer success team succeed?
16:18 – Use cases for CSMs
19:31 – Matt’s journey and his other two businesses
23:14 – Matt’s take on managing your time effectively

Rapid-fire questions
26:00 – What’s the one quality of Bonjoro you like the most?
26:26 – What are you curious about right now?
26:54 – What’s your favorite app right now?
27:16 – Who’s your inspiration? What keeps you motivated?
27:46 – What’s something you hate about Bonjoro?
28:47 – What’s the advice you would give to a 25-year old self?

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