How to personalise marketing with Sowmya Moni, Incture

In this episode, we speak to Sowmya Moni, Director of Marketing at Incture.

Sowmya Monia has overall 20+ years of experience in B2B marketing. During this time, she’s worked at companies like HP, Unisys and Oracle.

Currently, she heads marketing at Incture, one of the largest providers of Digital Applications and Technology Solutions on SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Business Technology.

In our conversation with her, Sowmya Moni shares how her team segments ICPs for maximum conversations and few initiatives she’s taken during the pandemic. 

Key Takeaways 

  • During the pandemic, she changed their targeting approach and decided to focus on only high potential customers. By narrowing the targeting, her team was able to create a scalable and repeatable process that can be used across marketing and sales teams. 
  • To adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic, the first thing Sowmya did was to change their messaging and offerings. They were also very quick to re-calibrate their marketing strategies to adapt the virtual world.

If you’re passionate about B2B marketing, you cannot miss listening to Sowmya Moni.

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