How to get started with outbound growth?

I hosted Jeremy Goillot, Head of Growth at Spendesk, on the podcast to talk about outbound growth.

To give a backstory, Jeremy joined Spendesk, a company card and spends management software, as the fourth employee with no prior experience in growth. He has seen the company grow from 10 employees to 200+ in less than four years. During his time there he’s executed some very successful and creative campaigns to kickstart growth there (more in the episode). Interestingly, Spendesk acquired their first 100 customers completely through outbound channels. He is currently the Head of Growth and is also looking over Spendesk’s international expansion plans.

In this episode, Jeremy takes us through his initial days at Spendesk, shares best practices for executing a growth campaign, takeaways from some of his successful campaigns and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Customer research and personalisation is vital for executing successful growth campaigns.
  • When building a growth team ensure to hire a mix of people containing marketers, data scientists, and developers.

If you’re passionate about growth or marketing, you need to listen to this episode. You’ll learn some very valuable insights.

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