Data Tracking for PMs with Patrick Thompson, Iteratively

In this episode, we speak to Patrick Thompson, the CEO and Founder of Iteratively.

Iteratively help organisations with data collaboration and ship high-quality analytics faster. Before starting Iteratively, Patrick worked as a Design Manager at Atlassian. His primary job was to improve metrics like acquisition, retention, and virality through design.

All his work involved a lot of customer insights and data. During his time there, one of the major problems Patrick faced was data collaboration. He also saw inconsistency between the consumed data versus the actual data. This got Patrick thinking. 

After understanding that this problem was not limited to Atlassian but was common to other organisations too, he decided to take a deep dive look into the problem. He spoke to a lot of customers to understand their pain point when it came to data collaboration. All his learning acted as the foundation to build Iteratively.

In this episode, Partick shares his journey, the reason behind starting Iteratively and why consuming the right data is critical to any company.

Here are the Key Takeaways from the episode –

  • To validate an idea, it’s crucial to build the right framework for customer discovery.
  • Always start by validating the product idea first before building a solution.
  • Ensure your early adopters are one’s who share the same synergies.

If you’re someone from Product, Growth or any team who handles a lot of data, this episode is a must-listen.

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