[AMA] Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy with Guillaume Cabane

On 12th June, we hosted our first live AMA with the legendary Guillaume Cabane (aka “G”), and it panned out to be quite fun. After our 1:1 conversation with him regarding multi-channel marketing, we took questions from the audience. In case you missed it, feel free to watch the replay on YouTube.

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Guillaume Cabane has been in the B2B marketing space for almost 17 years now. In that time he has headed growth for companies like Drift, Segment, Mention and many other hyper-growth startups. Currently, he’s a growth advisor at G2Crowd, Gorgias and few other companies.

In this session, G helps us understand the ins and out of multi-channel marketing. He also takes us through everything from identifying the right channels, attribution models, best practices, tools and more.

 Here are few takeaways

  • Being a good generalist is harder than being a good specialist. For the former, you need to keep practising all channels regularly. 
  • Rather than focusing on the attributions, look at the customer experience throughout the different channels. Also, don’t forget this data to your sales team. It will help them in closure.
  • While finding underperforming channels in multi-channel marketing is hard, you can still try two ways to analyse its effectiveness – test the channel in isolation or use A/B testing.
  • If the sales cycle for your company is longer, it’s critical to keep users engaged with the brand for higher conversions. 
  • Here are a few recommended attribution tools – Google Analytics, AttirbutionApp, Dreamdata.
  • Grab G’s framework here – bit.ly/evelyn-airtable 

If you are obsessed with growth or marketing, you need to watch him share his learnings and expereince with multi-channel marketing. 

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