[AMA] Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy with Guillaume Cabane

On 12th June, we hosted our first live AMA with the legendary...

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#DriveTheFunnel Show - B2B Podcasts

In this episode of the #DriveTheFunnel Show, Gokul and I tackled a trending topic of discussion for many marketers. Should my B2B company start a podcast or not?

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#DriveTheFunnel Show - Sales and Marketing Alignment

In this episode of the #DriveTheFunnel Show, we invited Prakhar Jain, Director...

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#DriveTheFunnel Show - Webinars

Are you a B2B company exploring webinars as a marketing channel in...

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Inside Sales vs Outside Sales ft. Morgan J Ingram, JBarrows Training and Prakhar Jain, Whatfix

In this episode, Morgan and Prakhar also addressed which type you should focus on based on what stage your SaaS is in.

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